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Themes & parties

our programme

Our students enjoy participating in a range of seasonal and other activities and events.

These can include programmes of activities where our students create and craft unique themed items, pieces and decorations etc.

These can be exhibited, used to decorate our centre and taken home by our students.


Some examples are for themed displays and parties, such as valentine’s, Easter, Halloween, Christmas and other events and occasions.

Our students learn about other cultures and traditions around the world, such as Dirali and the Festival of Light, making round candle holders. 


We are extremely proud of our students’ achievements.  Some of our students have previously had their art work displayed as part of a local exhibition, titled ‘A Door to Somewhere’. This exhibition was put together by Creative Arts Support Team (CAST) who use a variety of arts activities to support mental health and wellbeing.  It is run by a group of mental health service users, volunteers and workers, and is an enterprise of Sheffield Flourish. This artwork is now on display at our centre.