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Creative Arts


We include in our weekly programme regular music sessions which our students really enjoy taking part in. This can include instrument playing, singing, both individually and with others, listening to music and more!

We also have six week blocks of music sessions scheduled throughout the year, which are delivered by our music professional, Matt Ritchie, founder of Hybrid3studios.

Our students have loved being involved in:

  • Ice breaker games
  • Mobile recording studio
  • Beat making and looping
  • Recording
  • Song writing and vocals
  • Instrument demos and tuition


We like to incorporate into our programme opportunities for our students to be supported to create drama productions. Our students have been recently enjoying working together to produce a drama project called ‘Spectrum-on-Sea’. Our students have played various roles in putting this together and has included narrating, creating sound effects and making props and scenery for the production.

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Creative Writing

As part of our programme, we introduce and encourage students who would like to participate, to explore creative writing such as script/song writing and storytelling.

We also have ongoing group projects involving all students in various aspects of production.

Our students are currently developing a play called Spectrum-On-Sea, keep an eye out for updates in our News.