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Arts & Crafts


As part of our programme we offer a varied range of regular art and crafts, which can include fine art, mosaic and canvass work, pottery, textiles, weaving, construction based arts projects, photography and more.


We are extremely proud of the fantastic arts and crafts our students produce. These can be exhibited, used to decorate our centre and taken home by our students. You can find our previous exhibition here.


Some of the amazing weaving items our students have created include scarves, cushions, handbags, seat covers and much more! Our students absolutely love weaving and over time have developed their skills in this particular craft.

Local Projects

Our creative team incorporates various art and crafts projects in our students’ weekly programmes. We have studied historical and modern artists, as well as local professionals based in Sheffield.


Our students have also enjoy being part of a variety of photography projects, including learning how to use a camera, which Lens work best for which object and creating some beautiful images.


We have many more fabulous arts and crafts produced by our wonderful students on display at our centre, we would love you to come and visit us and take a look at our students’ work.


We showcase many creations on Facebook and Instagram.

To view some of our students’ artwork, please click here.