A day in the life of a Spectrum Active Student

My name is Jane; I am a student here at Spectrum Active. I come here 4 days a week and on the other day I spend it at home with my parents. I have been coming to Spectrum for just over a year now and have made lots of friends here especially Robert and Joanne.

I have learned a lot of new skills at Spectrum and even got some awards. In January I received student of the month award for trying out something new. I decided I would go swimming even though I was a little scared at first the staff helped me to feel confident and now I love to go swimming. I have even got my picture up on the achievement board so I can see it every time I come to Spectrum.


I have had a go at lots of things here. On Mondays I am part of the Environmental group and this week we have been making our own bird feeders out of plastic bottles. It was a bit tricky to make but I did it and took it home, my dad has put it up in the garden and I even saw a bird land on it. In the afternoon I decided to go into the holistic therapy group and we used this funny metal thing that we put gently on each other’s backs to massage. It was a really funny feeling and one of the other students was laughing so much at this.

On Wednesdays I do Weaving, at the moment we are making some boards out of weaving and today we made our own sheep out of wool and put them on the board. I like weaving, it’s really good and there are lots of us that like to do weaving. I find it relaxing especially when we put some music on and I can just weave. I do loads more here at Spectrum we have just got a new workshop which has a DJ room in it and also has lots of pictures on the walls that me and the other students have done in the fine art classes, but what I like doing best in there is cooking, last week we made coconut macaroons and they tasted yummy, I think we are making cheese straws next week. Liz the staff said we are going to cook a whole meal in a few weeks which I’m a bit nervous about.

I also do some jewellery making here with Monica I have made all sorts of things like necklaces and bracelets out of lots of different coloured beads. I wear my necklace all the time.

The other week we went on a day trip, we went on a barge, it was great and the man on the barge even let us all have a go at steering it. I was so tired at the end of the day but I had a lot of fun and I had never been on a barge before. Nicola took lots of pictures of us so I showed my mum and dad where I had been.

Sometimes I like to go into our DIY workshop, we make lots of things in there like concrete garden ornaments, we also paint them and I have even had a go at making a wooden bird table.

I like to go to Spectrum allotment in the summer and do some planting, we have grown carrots and herbs and even got to use the herbs in our shepherd’s pie, I think it was called parsley.

Every day we do something different and you can choose what you want to do, it’s nice when we all sit down together at lunch time with all the staff, put some music on and there’s always someone singing, usually Joe.

I have really enjoyed coming to Spectrum, I’ve made lots of friends and done lots of things here that I never thought I could do.