Our students are often out and about in the community utilising our local facilities. Increasingly popular is our weekly swimming sessions. We have a number of students that just love to swim, splash and generally have a lot of fun!. A couple of our students were not able to swim when they first joined this session and they have now progressed where they are able to swim 5 meters unaided, Fantastic Achievement!!

We offer a range of positive sporting activities, such as table tennis, badminton, basketball and football all at the request of our students. Now the summer months are upon us we are getting out and about even more. We have had a recent visit to the woods, although a little muddy underfoot our students enjoyed a stroll through the woods and were able to identify different varieties of trees, hunted for small insects and absolutely loved jumping over the small streams.

Other places we have visited are, The Sheffield Transport Museum, Heeley City farm, Millennium art galleries and we even had a day trip on a barge that travelled through the canals close by to Doncaster.