Every week we have a cooking workshop, together with our staff the students choose what they are going to make, work out the cost, and plan how the session will run. We regularly have some wonderful smells emanating from our new workshop which has a fully equipped kitchen and dining area. Our students have created some very tasty dishes including curry, cottage pie, fishy pie and some mouth-watering sweet dishes such as coconut buns, cakes and lots more.

We regularly theme our cooking sessions around the time of year so in the past few months our students have made Valentine biscuits and Easter buns, all of which they have designed and decorated themselves.

Our students have also taken part in creating a 3 course meal, they started with a Prawn cocktail, then went on to serve a main of a chicken dinner with all the trimmings and finally a dessert of chocolate cake or for those choosing a healthy option, a fruit salad.