Our Art and Crafts workshop encompasses a range of activities that students have been involved in, including Pottery, Photography, Fine Art, Textiles and Weaving.

Every week we have a Weaving specialist, Monica join our students to teach them skills in Weaving, they have produced some amazing items such as scarves, cushions, handbags, seat covers and many more things!. The students absolutely love their weaving and over the months have built up their skills in this particular craft.

Our resident artist, Nikki incorporates a variety of different Art and crafts into the weekly programme. For example the students have recently undertaken a fine Art/Photography project which was inspired by the artist ‘Audrey Heller’,  this involved the students using miniature models of people against bigger backgrounds and the effect was stunning as you will see below. The students had a lot of fun with this project.

The students have also taken part in a variety of other photography sessions, where they have learnt how to use a camera, which Lens work best for which object and as you will see from the website have created some beautiful black and white images. We have many more pictures on display at our John St location, please come and visit us to take a look at our students art work.